Are you ready for a car accident?

Taking the right precautions can help people avoid unnecessary legal battles if they are involved in a car crash.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2013, over 230,000 people were injured in car accidents and more than 13,000 crashes resulted in serious injury to someone. Furthermore, every 71 seconds a car crash was reported.

Dealing with a car accident is not easy. Damage to the vehicle, injuries and emotional trauma usually occurs and, in addition to these challenges, people often have to go through the process of filing an insurance claim. However, while it is impossible to always avoid a car accident, there are things people in San Antonio can do to prepare for one.

Practice what to say

Saying the wrong thing after a crash cannot only result in blame for the accident but in difficulties trying to obtain compensation. points out that it is important to not claim responsibility. Statements that can incriminate drivers include "I'm sorry" or "I didn't see you." Rather, it is best to not say anything other than to ask if someone is alright or to exchange personal information. If an officer arrives to handle the matter, only provide answers to the questions that the officer asks.

When a car accident occurs, a person's adrenaline jumps into high gear and shock may set in. This can keep some injuries like whiplash from surfacing until a later time. Therefore, it is best for people to say that they are in shock or they aren't sure, when they are asked if they are alright.

Create an accident kit

Creating an accident kit is a great way to keep everything on hand in the event of an accident. American Family Insurance suggests keeping a disposable camera, flashlight, a copy of the car's registration, a list of local law enforcement numbers, a copy of the car's registration and pen and paper for note taking.

Additional items that can be put into the accident kit may also include the following:

  • A list of special allergies or health conditions for regular vehicle occupants
  • A blanket
  • Contact numbers for attorney, next of kin or doctors
  • Road flares

A form should also be in the kit that helps capture information related to the accident such as time and date, weather conditions, road conditions, location, witnesses, drivers involved, injuries and contact information. This can help people remember the exact circumstances of the accident and other important data.

Review insurance policy

Once a year, it is important for people to assess their financial situation, analyze their personal needs in a car accident, and then review their insurance policy to make sure they have appropriate coverage. One big risk that drivers face nowadays is getting hit by someone who has no insurance or is underinsured. If possible, uninsured/underinsured coverage should be purchased annually to provide protection and security if this occurs. Towing and rental coverage can also be added to the policy to prevent any unnecessary surprises.

A car accident can turn a person's life in San Antonio upside down but preparation can help ease the stress. People may also find it helpful to meet with an injury lawyer to discuss their options.