Texting And Cellphone Accidents

It is something that most of us have probably done at some point or another: quickly checking a text message on the freeway or making a phone call while driving around town. Unless you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a distracted driver, however, you likely have no idea just how dangerous these actions can be.

It takes only a second for a distracted driver to change the lives of entire families. When someone has been seriously injured by a driver distracted by a phone conversation or text message, experienced legal help can mean the difference between a lifetime of financial burden and full compensation for injuries and other losses. Our firm is here to make sure that you or your injured loved one gets fair compensation.

How Can An Experienced San Antonio Injury Attorney Help My Distracted Driving Case?

As experienced trial lawyers, we spend every day preparing to argue for our clients in court. A part of every case our firm takes on is gathering the evidence that will make a difference when negligent drivers and their lawyers try to deny responsibility for the injuries they cause.

In cases involving cellphones, evidence like phone records is essential to a successful case. We know how to get these and other records quickly, and just as importantly, use them to our clients' advantage.

We also regularly make use of testimony from accident reconstructionists and medical experts to show not only how a distracted driver caused an accident, but also how his or her negligence directly led to a client's injuries. By taking this step-by-step approach to building strong cases, we can help our clients recover their medical expenses as well as lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Did you know? According to a 2011 study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, reaction time was delayed by 2.5 times for people writing text messages and by 1.9 times for people reading texts.

How Can I Speak With A Lawyer About My Case?

If you think that a driver was texting while driving at the time of your crash, get experienced legal help as soon as possible. Email us or call 210-465-1212 (toll free 866-545-HURT (4878)). Se habla español.