Burn Injuries

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Unless you or a loved one has experienced a severe burn, you may not realize how serious these injuries can be. The susceptibility to infection is extremely high, and intensive care is often necessary when burns are very deep or cover a substantial body surface area. When someone else is responsible for causing your injury, our San Antonio burn attorneys at the Law Offices of Fidel Rodriguez, Jr., can help you and your family overcome the legal challenges and fight for your rights and recovery.

Causes Of Burn Injuries

Various environments can lead to serious burn injuries. Explosions, fires, chemicals, steam and electricity can result in devastating burns. Chemical burns are common when chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Everyday home products can also cause chemical burns, and when products are defective, companies may be subject to products liability lawsuits.

Determining The Severity Of Burn Injuries

To determine a burn's severity, medical practitioners evaluate two main factors: the extent of the body surface burned and the burn's depth - how far it extends through layers of tissue. The greater the body surface area affected, the more difficult it is to treat. The medical field classifies burns as first-, second- and third-degree burns, with first-degree burns being the least severe and only affecting the top layer of skin. The most severe, third-degree burns, reach muscles or bone.

Burn Statistics

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, most burns occur at home, in the workplace or as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Every year, one to two million people in the United States need medical help for burns, and 50,000 to 70,000 are hospitalized.

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