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Do you know the cellphone laws for San Antonio roads?

Using cellphones is so much a part of everyday life that it can be easy to forget when to put them down. They also come with so many tools, serving as multiple devices in one. These features make cellphones all the more tempting to use while operating a motor vehicle.

However, driving while using a cellphone is very dangerous, contributing to car accidents from minor bumps to deadly crashes. Perhaps some of the problem comes from people not knowing in what ways the law restricts cellphone use behind the wheel. Understanding the details of San Antonio's ordinance can keep drivers safe on the road.

The many stresses that truckers face

With so many trucks on the roads, it should come as no wonder that there are so many accidents that involve trucks. What is even scarier is that, because trucks are so big and harder to stop, they can pose a great danger to people in smaller vehicles. In fact, these people are more at risk in crashes than the truckers themselves.

So, it stands to reason that it takes a special kind of person to be a trucker. However, the passage of time and the many stresses that truckers face can result in accidents for even some of the best truckers. Here is a look at some of the top stresses they face.

Truck accidents lead to these major injuries

Any motor vehicle accident comes with the risk of injury, but none more so than one involving an 18-wheeler. These big trucks always win in collisions with passenger cars. Their size and strength make them extremely dangerous and likely to lead to severe bodily harm.

You may think such injuries would be readily apparent, but some are easy to miss. Watch out for these wounds and symptoms after an accident with an 18-wheeler

Your vehicle may be the cause of your auto accident

When you get into a motor vehicle accident, one of the most important steps is figuring out who is at fault, as it will determine which party has to pay for the other's expenses. What if neither driver seemed to be responsible for the accident, or what if the collision did not involve another motorist?

In these cases, your vehicle may be the guilty party. Defective parts put you at a high risk of causing an accident, even when you are driving safely and following all traffic laws. Sometimes, it is obvious, as in the case of tires blowing out, but other times, it may take some investigation to pinpoint the faulty piece.

How to identify a drunk driver

Unfortunately, drunk driving is still a prevalent aspect of roadways. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one out of three vehicle crashes that occur within the United States is a result of a drunk driver. 

The police do everything they can to keep drunk drivers off the road. You should never operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol, and you should also remain vigilant yourself while driving. By being aware of the signs, you know to stay far away from the other driver and to contact the police. 

3 consequences of truckers falsifying log books

There are many reasons truck drivers may be compelled to falsify their logbooks. Increased awareness of the dangerous conditions many drive in has resulted in the passage of laws regulating truckers' schedules. This might put a dent in their earnings, though, so many maintain false logs to maintain the appearance of compliance yet continually violate mandatory safety standards.

The motivation for these actions might be simple, but the consequences are often far more complex. If you have been involved in an accident in which you suspect falsified logs may be involved, it is important to secure the representation you need to seek recourse.

Today's biggest truck driver distractions

Distractions in and around the vehicle are distracting for virtually all motorists, but when you add a massive, multi-ton truck to the equation, they can prove even more deadly. While it is unrealistic to simply avoid large trucks, given how common they are across American roadways, understanding what is distracting today's commercial truckers is the first step in combatting the problem.

When you share the road with a large truck, know that the driver may face distractions that include:

4 reasons why trucks are especially dangerous

Any type of car accident can result in serious injuries and is certainly no picnic even when it does not. When a large truck becomes involved, however, the severity of injuries and property damage tends to climb.

One top factor that makes semitrailers far more dangerous than the average passenger vehicle is their sheer mass and length. Because trucks are so heavy, they take longer to come to a stop, while their length widens their turns and increases the risk of them hitting a car behind them.

4 ways to avoid an accident with a large truck

Driving can be dangerous enough without having to worry about other drivers on the road. While you drive defensively and practice safety, others may not. This can be particularly dangerous when the other driver happens to drive a large commercial truck. When you are in a small vehicle and a large truck breaks a traffic law or does not drive safely, your life could be in danger.

How fatigue drives accidents in the trucking industry

If you live in an around San Antonio, then you understand just how important the trucking industry is to this country as you see 18-wheelers passing through every day as they crisscross the country to deliver goods wherever they are needed. Trucking now represents the most commonly used method of transportation in the country, employing a large number of workers in a profession that makes many other industries possible. At the same time, though, the more trucks there are on the road, the more important it is to make sure that they are being operated safely. That means both understanding the role fatigue plays and knowing what to do about it.

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