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Today’s biggest truck driver distractions

Distractions in and around the vehicle are distracting for virtually all motorists, but when you add a massive, multi-ton truck to the equation, they can prove even more deadly. While it is unrealistic to simply avoid large trucks, given how common they are across American roadways, understanding what is distracting today’s commercial truckers is the first step in combatting the problem.

When you share the road with a large truck, know that the driver may face distractions that include:

4 reasons why trucks are especially dangerous

Any type of car accident can result in serious injuries and is certainly no picnic even when it does not. When a large truck becomes involved, however, the severity of injuries and property damage tends to climb.

One top factor that makes semitrailers far more dangerous than the average passenger vehicle is their sheer mass and length. Because trucks are so heavy, they take longer to come to a stop, while their length widens their turns and increases the risk of them hitting a car behind them.

4 ways to avoid an accident with a large truck

Driving can be dangerous enough without having to worry about other drivers on the road. While you drive defensively and practice safety, others may not. This can be particularly dangerous when the other driver happens to dr ive a large commercial truck. When you are in a small vehicle and a large truck breaks a traffic law or does not drive safely, your life could be in danger.

How fatigue drives accidents in the trucking industry

If you live in an around San Antonio, then you understand just how important the trucking industry is to this country as you see 18-wheelers passing through every day as they crisscross the country to deliver goods wherever they are needed. Trucking now represents the most commonly used method of transportation in the country, employing a large number of workers in a profession that makes many other industries possible. At the same time, though, the more trucks there are on the road, the more important it is to make sure that they are being operated safely. That means both understanding the role fatigue plays and knowing what to do about it.

Impaired truck drivers and motor vehicle accidents

Impaired truck drivers are a risk to themselves and other drivers on the road. No matter if the impairment is due to sleep deprivation, alcohol or medication, it can lead to poor judgment and slow reaction times. Drivers and trucking companies can make themselves viable for personal injury lawsuits due to poor behavior. Learn how impaired truck drivers make the road a more dangerous place.

International Roadcheck reveals top trucking violations

Last week, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance released the results from this year's three-day road inspection. The results show that trucking companies - including some drivers - may not be taking safety as seriously as they should.

Can trucking companies do more to protect commuters from crashes?

If you commute to work in the San Antonio area, it's likely that you've shared the road with an 18-wheeler. If you have, you know that feeling when you notice a truck veer slightly toward the edge of its lane: fear.

You might speed up a little to get past the truck faster, or slow down and switch to a different lane. Why? Because you know how dangerous 18-wheelers are.

Oil field workers face unique safety risks

Being an oil worker of the Eagle Ford Shale is not a job to be taken lightly. Many of the hardworking people who take on this line of work end up with serious injuries due to dangerous working conditions. In some cases, these workplace accidents lead to lost wages and expensive medical bills. In others, families are left wondering what to do after a loved is killed on the job.

A quick Google search around the Internet shows countless stories and news reports related to just how dangerous the oil field is for workers, especially for those in Texas. Even one report, citing 2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, points to the fact that Eagle Ford counties led the entire state of Texas in oil and gas related deaths.

Truck driver error: 3 common causes of crashes

Accidents tend to be unintentional and unplanned. However, this does not change the fact these crashes are still largely avoidable. "If only that driver did not drink," or "if only that driver was not messing with their phone or speeding," are just some of the many things we have all heard after a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Board came up with a Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements for 2016. Of the 10 initiatives listed by the board, six of these can all be applied to truck drivers.

Seeking assistance when you've lost a loved one

Death is a part of life. Throughout our lives, we will have to cope with losing someone we love. It is a challenging, sometimes seemingly unbearable occurrence. When the loss of a loved one is a direct result of the negligence of another, there is an entirely different realm of emotions that arise. Feelings of anger, frustration, the need for answers and wanting to lash out at the guilty party are all a normal part of dealing with the situation. In the eyes of the law, an accident caused by a negligent driver can even be considered manslaughter. When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are taking responsibility for their actions while controlling that vehicle.

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