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Seeking assistance when you've lost a loved one

Death is a part of life. Throughout our lives, we will have to cope with losing someone we love. It is a challenging, sometimes seemingly unbearable occurrence. When the loss of a loved one is a direct result of the negligence of another, there is an entirely different realm of emotions that arise. Feelings of anger, frustration, the need for answers and wanting to lash out at the guilty party are all a normal part of dealing with the situation. In the eyes of the law, an accident caused by a negligent driver can even be considered manslaughter. When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are taking responsibility for their actions while controlling that vehicle.

After the accident: having a third party do battle on your behalf

For many drivers, their only experiences with drunk driving will be the "scared straight" drunk driving videos they are forced to watch during driver's ed. The videos that end with a smashed pumpkin as the only witness to a drunken father who ran over his toddler; a toddler who, moments before, was standing at the foot of his driveway excitedly waiting to show off his Halloween costume. Or the flashing lights of the police vehicle that illuminate the gory scene of a car wrapped around a tree by a teenager who had one too many sips from a hidden flask on prom night.

When you need David to face down Goliath

Even occasional TV watchers can point to (fictitious) shows about lawyers fighting against large corporations. These stories are always about a single lawyer or small firm taking on an industry such as auto manufacturers, big pharma or the tobacco industry. On the shows, these large corporations have plenty of financial resources, the ability to look intimidating by sending groups of lawyers and paralegals to settlement conferences and do not easily back down from a fight. They threaten to drain the financial resources of the plaintiff and offer a small compensatory payment usually accompanied by a quip about how this is better than the plaintiff deserves.

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