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July 2016 Archives

Tips on remaining safe when there is a drunk driver on the road

There are four types of drivers on the road including negligent drivers, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers, and drunk drivers. If a driver is negligently driving and swerving in and out of lanes they may be giving less attention to the road, which may result in a car crash or death. Drowsy drivers may have delayed reactions and make bad decisions. These drivers are more likely to make errors.

Truck driver error: 3 common causes of crashes

Accidents tend to be unintentional and unplanned. However, this does not change the fact these crashes are still largely avoidable. "If only that driver did not drink," or "if only that driver was not messing with their phone or speeding," are just some of the many things we have all heard after a crash.

What to Do Following a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Owning a motorcycle is known to be inherently dangerous and not because the people who ride them are reckless, it is usually the result of the other party. Whether the crash is due to a distracted driver, failure to yield, or a negligent party, motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Depending on the injuries sustained, the victim might be in therapy for years afterward and may suffer from their injuries for a lifetime but in severe cases, the accident is fatal. How do you know if you should take legal action after a motorcycle accident?

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