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4 ways to avoid an accident with a large truck

Driving can be dangerous enough without having to worry about other drivers on the road. While you drive defensively and practice safety, others may not. This can be particularly dangerous when the other driver happens to drive a large commercial truck. When you are in a small vehicle and a large truck breaks a traffic law or does not drive safely, your life could be in danger.

In Texas in the year 2015, there was not one single day that there was not a traffic-related fatality on the roads. Even those who survived accidents on the highway are likely going to deal with serious injuries and need medical care that affects their future. From financial worries to discomfort from broken bones or head trauma, the consequences are serious. While you cannot control how others drive, you can take steps to protect yourself when you are on the road with large trucks.

1. Stay away from blind spots

Truckers have a much larger blind spot than the average car, and if you cannot see them, they definitely cannot see you. The blind spot on a truck usually starts about the middle and extends to behind the truck. Always avoid these spots when you are driving by or passing a large truck on any section of road.

2. Pass on the left

In some states, it is illegal to pass a commercial truck on the right side because it is almost impossible for the driver to see a normal-sized car in the blind spot on the right side. If you are stuck between a truck and the median when it starts to turn, you could be seriously injured.

3. Give the driver time to slow down

No matter how much of a hurry you are in, you should never cut off a large truck. Because trucks are so heavy, it is more difficult for them to slow down quickly. Trucks do not function exactly like smaller cars and may not be able to stop if you jump in front of them. An accident with a truck that cannot slow down can be deadly.

4. Report dangerous driving

Most trucks will have a number on the back that you can call if you are concerned about the way the driver is behaving. If you feel that the truck is a danger to other drivers on the road, make sure to call the number and report the driving behavior.

Statistics show that fatal truck accidents in Texas may be on the rise due to the drilling and fracking boom. If you have been injured or someone you love has been killed during one of these accidents, we encourage you to consult an attorney immediately.

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