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Truck accidents lead to these major injuries

Any motor vehicle accident comes with the risk of injury, but none more so than one involving an 18-wheeler. These big trucks always win in collisions with passenger cars. Their size and strength make them extremely dangerous and likely to lead to severe bodily harm.

You may think such injuries would be readily apparent, but some are easy to miss. Watch out for these wounds and symptoms after an accident with an 18-wheeler

Traumatic brain injuries

The impact of the crash can cause your head to hit something or your brain to rattle inside your skull. Both can lead to traumatic brain injuries, such as:

  • Concussions
  • Contusions
  • Fractures
  • Object penetration
  • Swelling

Severe cases come with severe, recognizable symptoms; however, mild and moderate TBI can be more challenging to diagnose. You may not experience side effects until days or weeks after the accident. Look for signs of inexplicable mood changes, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, loss of balance and coordination, and other cognitive impairments.

Spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord is central to your nervous system, relaying messages from your brain to the rest of your body. Damage to this essential organ can result in sensory problems, loss of muscle control, impaired breathing, and partial or complete paralysis. With Mayo Clinic reporting more than 35 percent of spinal cord injuries coming from auto accidents, this is a very likely injury in a crash with a semi-truck.

Broken bones

The high impact can cause bones to shatter, which may never heal the same if at all. Broken bones are painful and come with a long recovery time. Where you sustained the injury can affect your ability to work and care for yourself.

Internal damage

Less noticeable but just as dangerous injuries are those that happen inside your body. The collision may crush your organs, lead to internal bleeding and cause other damage.


Cuts may seem minor, but they also include deep lacerations that require stitches or surgery. Cuts can become infected and leave scars, as well.

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