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When you need David to face down Goliath

Even occasional TV watchers can point to (fictitious) shows about lawyers fighting against large corporations. These stories are always about a single lawyer or small firm taking on an industry such as auto manufacturers, big pharma or the tobacco industry. On the shows, these large corporations have plenty of financial resources, the ability to look intimidating by sending groups of lawyers and paralegals to settlement conferences and do not easily back down from a fight. They threaten to drain the financial resources of the plaintiff and offer a small compensatory payment usually accompanied by a quip about how this is better than the plaintiff deserves.

What role does carelessness play in motor vehicle defect cases?

When we talk about carelessness in this particular context, we are talking about carelessness on the part of the vehicle manufacturer. Every state's laws are different, of course, but it is interesting to note that a vehicle manufacturer's liability in accidents where product defect is being claimed, the victim does not need to show carelessness as an element.

Insurance concerns over self-driving cars now in Texas' driveway

In a couple of posts early this summer we riffed a bit about the implications that self-driving cars present to the future of driving. In the first of the two posts the question was raised about where liability would rest in the event one of these vehicles got into an accident. And the second highlighted how a majority of insurance industry executives expressed the opinion that it's not a big issue on their radar right now.

How am I supposed to know if my vehicle is subject to recall?

The news has been full of notices about auto recalls due to defective parts lately. The latest and perhaps greatest is the one centered on faulty safety air bags. We've written about them in an effort to bring the issue to the attention of Texas readers. The hope is that by adding our voice to the choir that a lot of lives might be saved.

Cheap auto parts could cost you your life. Is it worth it?

We've dedicated a fair amount of blog space to the issue of faulty airbags made by Japanese part-maker Takata. In one post we focused on the fact that an environment of confusion has apparently made this bad situation worse.

Challenge of largest U.S. auto product recall continues to mount

Pressure does not appear to be letting up in connection with the recall related to potentially defective Takata vehicle air bags. Last month we offered Texas readers some key insights regarding this safety issue. Since then, the number of cars, trucks and SUVs that could be affected by this recall has gone up. More sadly, an additional death has been recorded.

What you need to know about the Takata air bag recall

The largest recall related to problems with an automobile part is now on the books. The Takata Corp., maker of crash air bags for a slew of vehicles has issued the recall because of defects that can send shrapnel flying at vehicle passengers in an accident. Federal regulators say the number of affected vehicles stands at 34 million. How many of those may be in Texas isn't clear.

Self-driving cars can crash. Who should be liable for injuries?

Depending on what side of the technology divide you are on the prospect of self-driving cars may be either a cool idea or the scariest thing you can imagine. If you're sitting on the fence you might be inclined to have mixed feelings.

Warranties implied or express serve to protect consumers

In our previous post we attempted to give San Antonio readers a view of how state laws seek to give consumers some measure of protection against defective products. Goods manufacturers and sellers have an obligation to make sure the items they put in the hands of the public are as safe as they can be. Still, injuries occur that sometimes demand pursuit of civil action for the sake of accountability and justice.

Product defect injury claims may be easier to prove than others

2014 was a record year for auto product recalls due to defects. According to the news reports, recalls in a single year went over the 60 million mark for the first time ever. Some analysts suggest the reason for the massive number is that companies are acting defensively.

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