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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Seeking assistance when you've lost a loved one

Death is a part of life. Throughout our lives, we will have to cope with losing someone we love. It is a challenging, sometimes seemingly unbearable occurrence. When the loss of a loved one is a direct result of the negligence of another, there is an entirely different realm of emotions that arise. Feelings of anger, frustration, the need for answers and wanting to lash out at the guilty party are all a normal part of dealing with the situation. In the eyes of the law, an accident caused by a negligent driver can even be considered manslaughter. When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are taking responsibility for their actions while controlling that vehicle.

Lawyer Hopes a 124 Million Dollar Verdict Will Prevent Future Catastrophic Injuries to Children

When you consider the statistics, it is rather astonishing that anyone ever gets behind the wheel of a car. Over 5 million car accidents are reported in a single year; over 1 million of those accidents involved injuries and over 30,000 proved fatal. Car manufacturers must comply with certain standards before they can be sold in the United States. When those standards are not met, the results can be devastating.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Family loses 2 children

There are certain actions that defensive drivers can take in order to increase their safety. Unfortunately, there are some fatal motor vehicle accidents that even the safest of drivers cannot avoid, such as being struck while stopped at a traffic light. According to reports, a family in Texas is mourning the loss of two children after such an accident.

NTSB: Unused seat belts contributed to 2014 NCTC fatalities

The truck driver allegedly responsible for the crash in 2014 that killed four members of the North Central Texas College women's softball team denies drugs were a factor. The National Transportation Safety Board isn't convinced.

Closure in hit-and-run death may depend on witness coming forward

When someone dies after a long illness it is truly a time for grieving. At the same time, it may be somewhat easier to work through the sadness realizing that the outcome had been expected.

Rep for pedestrian accidents a challenge for San Antonio planners

Data suggests that the San Antonio area is into alternative modes of transportation. That means that a lot of people opt to walk or ride bicycles to get to school, work, run errands or just get out for some exercise.

Debate on self-driving cars only just beginning

The move toward fully autonomous or self-driving cars seems to be inevitable. The subject is not without its vocal critics though, which means there is no shortage of opinions. Debate is continuing, hot and heavy in Texas and elsewhere.

If a fetus dies in a crash is a wrongful death claim possible?

The status of the unborn continues to be a topic of ongoing debate state by state and across the nation. This can raise some complicated questions in some motor vehicle accidents. For example, if a fetus is killed as the result of a car wreck, can that warrant a claim for compensation for wrongful death?

Trust, but verify: a survival tactic for some pedestrians

Pit a person walking in San Antonio against a rolling ton and a-half or two of engine-powered metal. What happens when they collide? You don't have to be a rocket scientist at the Johnson Space Center to know that the relatively unprotected body is the one that will suffer the worst.

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