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Truck Accidents Archives

4 ways to avoid an accident with a large truck

Driving can be dangerous enough without having to worry about other drivers on the road. While you drive defensively and practice safety, others may not. This can be particularly dangerous when the other driver happens to drive a large commercial truck. When you are in a small vehicle and a large truck breaks a traffic law or does not drive safely, your life could be in danger.

How fatigue drives accidents in the trucking industry

If you live in an around San Antonio, then you understand just how important the trucking industry is to this country as you see 18-wheelers passing through every day as they crisscross the country to deliver goods wherever they are needed. Trucking now represents the most commonly used method of transportation in the country, employing a large number of workers in a profession that makes many other industries possible. At the same time, though, the more trucks there are on the road, the more important it is to make sure that they are being operated safely. That means both understanding the role fatigue plays and knowing what to do about it.

Impaired truck drivers and motor vehicle accidents

Impaired truck drivers are a risk to themselves and other drivers on the road. No matter if the impairment is due to sleep deprivation, alcohol or medication, it can lead to poor judgment and slow reaction times. Drivers and trucking companies can make themselves viable for personal injury lawsuits due to poor behavior. Learn how impaired truck drivers make the road a more dangerous place.

Fatal bus plunge prompts renewed debate on requiring seat belts

Seat belts are required in cars and trucks. Individuals in San Antonio caught driving or riding in vehicles without buckling up can face fines under Texas law. If they have passengers with them, they have to be properly restrained as well.

Case offers another apparent liability layer in truck accidents

No two accidents are ever alike. That's one reason victims wondering about their options related to compensation for their injuries should always consult with an attorney. But as we have said before, most recently in a post last month, truck accidents can be particularly complicated matters to deal with.

List of alleged bad acts long in deadly truck crash case

Crashes involving semitractor-trailer trucks tend to be among the more complicated motor vehicle accidents to resolve. These behemoths on Texas roads can cause some of the most serious injuries, very often death. But the layers of regulations at both the state and federal levels and the additional layers of business separation that industry players often employ as a shield from liability can make accountability a challenge.

Impact of large truck crashes on Texas families

Federal transportation statistics show that a disproportionate number of large trucks are involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes. Just 4 percent of all registered vehicles nationwide in 2012 were large trucks. However, the largest, heaviest vehicles on the road were involved in 8 percent of all fatalities.

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