Oil Field Blowouts, Explosions And Fires

It only takes a second for a job site to turn into chaos after a blowout, other explosion or fire.

Workers in the Eagle Ford Oil Shale are exposed to potentially dangerous working conditions on a daily basis. As oil drilling activities in South Texas increase, so too does the possibility that something will go wrong and result in serious injuries or worse: More than 18,000 Texas oil workers suffered serious injuries between 2008 and 2013, and 65 workers lost their lives in 2012 alone.

At the Law Offices of Fidel Rodriguez, Jr., we believe that serious injuries deserve serious representation. We have a team of experienced attorneys with more than 50 years of combined experience. As a South Texas-based firm, we believe in fighting for hardworking people in our communities, and when workers suffer serious oil field injuries, we are here to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Holding Parties Accountable For Negligence On The Eagle Ford Shale | Representing Workers Injured In West Texas And The Permian Basin

Anytime you are working with high-pressure oil and gas wells, there is the potential for catastrophic accidents that cause serious, even life-changing injuries.

Our firm represents workers who may be injured due to:

  • Blunt force trauma during a blowout
  • Mechanical failure resulting in loss of limbs
  • Oil well fires causing burn injuries
  • Exposure to oil, gas and other toxic substances during a blowout

These injuries result in more than extensive, often long-term medical care needs. They can keep workers off the job for weeks or months at a time, and many workers may be unable to return to the same job, resulting in a lower income-earning potential. When we represent an injured oil worker, we aggressively seek to fully compensate our client for these financial losses, as well as pain and suffering that follow these severe accidents.

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