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It’s easy to take for granted all the products we use on a daily basis. Most people do, in fact… until one malfunctions and causes serious injury to ourselves or our loved ones.

When product manufacturers make mistakes in the design or production of their products — or allow products they know to be defective to be sold — they should be held responsible for the injuries they cause to innocent people. At Rodriguez Trial Law our attorneys and staff help people throughout South Texas with personal injury claims, including those from defective products. Even the safest-looking products can cause serious injuries, and we work hard to make sure that our clients receive the full compensation they need for their injuries.

Serious Attorneys for Serious Defective Product Injuries

There are many ways that product manufacturers can be held responsible when their products injure consumers. These include:

  • Design defects: When a product is designed in a way that is inherently dangerous
  • Manufacturing defects: When there is an error in the production of an otherwise-safe product that results in it being unsafe
  • Failure to adequately warn: When a manufacturer knows that a product can be used in a dangerous way and fails to make it clear through packaging, warning labels or other means

Manufacturers are not the only parties who can be held responsible for defective products. Commercial sellers may also be liable if they know that a product is defective but fail to stop selling it to consumers.

Our firm represents people injured by all types of everyday consumer products, including:

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