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Spinal Cord Injuries

San Antonio Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney

Few things are more devastating for a family than learning that a loved one suffered a permanent, life-changing injury in an accident. While you and your family likely have many questions and concerns following your loved one’s accident, our attorneys believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about getting adequate compensation for his or her medical care and pain and suffering.

Our firm is one of the most established South Texas personal injury firms for handling catastrophic injuries. Founding attorney Fidel Rodriguez, Jr., is a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer, and together our attorneys have more than five decades of combined experience. We have a reputation for being serious with negligent parties and their lawyers. We are serious attorneys for serious injuries, and we can help you collect the compensation your loved one is entitled to.

Compassionate Legal Help for Paralyzed Accident Victims

Spinal cord injuries are categorized as either complete or incomplete. Complete injuries result in paralysis as the brain cannot send signals below the area of the injury. By contrast, victims may have limited use of areas below an incomplete injury.

These types of injuries can occur as a result of a/an:

Because our firm is composed of experienced trial lawyers, we will approach every case under the assumption that it will go to trial. By taking this approach, we make sure that our clients are in the strongest possible position to receive full compensation for their medical injuries as well as lost wages, reduced earning capacity and even pain and suffering.

If your loved one suffered life-altering injuries, we can help you figure out if you are likely to succeed in a wrongful death suit.

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