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Property owners also have a responsibility to maintain premises in a way that is reasonably secure. This includes the security of a facility. For example, suppose the owner an apartment building fails to install proper safety measures, such fixing a broken lock. A burglar then breaks in and then theft occurs. This is a premises liability claim known as negligent security.

In the worst cases of negligent security, actual physical harm can occur to victims and even death. A commercial building owner, after repeated complaints by workers of theft, does not take any proper action in creating a secure environment. A worker is then attacked by a criminal and seriously injured.

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Common Causes of Negligent Security Related Injuries

What often happens in situations involving negligent security is that the property owner knew about a security need and did not do anything about it. Another common cause is there were inadequate security measures to begin with and it was just a matter of time before someone was injured. These cases often occur within commercial properties such as shopping centers, office buildings and parking lots as well as apartment and condominium dwellings.

Types of inadequate security measures include:

  • Malfunctioning doors, locks and broken fences
  • Broken security cameras and surveillance equipment
  • Inadequate security staff or training of security staff
  • Poorly lit stairways, doorways and entrances

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