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Brain Injuries

San Antonio Brain Injuries Attorney

As your family begins the process of dealing with the aftermath of your loved one’s accident, there is likely one question that you keep coming back to: How will we get the money required to provide our loved one with the care he or she will need?

If your loved one’s injuries include brain injuries (often referred to as traumatic brain injury, or TBI), he or she will likely have long-term care and other needs that will require extensive financial resources. Rodriguez Trial Law has a team of personal injury attorneys experienced in representing people with catastrophic injuries and getting results. You will need serious legal help to ensure your loved one gets the proper care (and the money to pay for it), and our firm is here to help you obtain the necessary compensation as quickly as possible.

Legal Help for Accident Victims with Brain Damage, Concussions and Other Head Injuries

Serious and potentially permanent brain damage is a possibility any time a foreign object enters the brain or the skull is partially shattered. This can happen as a result of a/an:

As one of the most established personal injury firms in South Texas, we have access to the medical experts, vocational experts and accident specialists whose expertise contribute to strong cases for compensation. Combined with our serious litigation and negotiation skills, we help our clients win compensation for:

  • Direct medical costs, such as hospitalization and any required surgical procedures
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long-term care needs for victims with permanent injuries
  • Pain and suffering

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