Help For Victims Of Mass Shootings

The unthinkable has become all too common. Across the country, lives are being lost and injuries suffered in mass shootings and other attacks. After these events, the first question on everyone's mind tends to be "Why would a person do something so senseless?" The next question, and one of perhaps equal importance, is "Why was this not prevented?"

Victims of mass shootings and their family members have the right to ask these questions. They have a right to answers, and they may also have the right to compensation. At the Law Offices of Fidel Rodriguez, Jr., we stand up for victims of violence in San Antonio and throughout Texas. We use our decades of experience to seek answers and pursue the money victims need to cover medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

Who Was Responsible For The Mass Attack?

In so many of these incidents, the violence is the result of one person acting alone. While that person is certainly responsible, there may be other parties whose negligence, oversight or failure to act opened a door for that person that might have otherwise been closed.

Mass shootings have occurred at concerts, nightclubs, shopping centers, stores, restaurants, hotels, churches, schools and elsewhere. These are all properties that may owe a duty to keep visitors safe. After a mass attack, it is not unfair to ask whether the injuries and deaths could have been avoided had more stringent security measures been in place.

Furthermore, property owners may not be the only parties whose negligence played a role. Private security businesses, manufacturers of alarms, locks or security equipment, and even public entities could be liable in certain situations.

Mass shootings, gun attacks, car attacks, knife attacks, bombings and similar mass attacks merit the review of an experienced attorney. An attorney can determine if compensation may be obtained for victims and families by filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against one or more parties that acted carelessly and who could potentially have prevented the devastating event had they acted with care.

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