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Impaired truck drivers and motor vehicle accidents

Impaired truck drivers are a risk to themselves and other drivers on the road. No matter if the impairment is due to sleep deprivation, alcohol or medication, it can lead to poor judgment and slow reaction times. Drivers and trucking companies can make themselves viable for personal injury lawsuits due to poor behavior. Learn how impaired truck drivers make the road a more dangerous place.

Fatigue is a serious problem

Fatigued driving is risky behavior. Sleep deprivation is the main cause of truck driver fatigue. Drivers who are fatigued can misjudge gaps, fall asleep, ignore impending dangers, be inattentive or react poorly to a situation. There are federal rules set in place to ensure truck drivers get enough rest to drive safely.

Inaccurate logs

Many drivers submit inaccurate driving logs. This happens for a variety of reasons. Drivers often drive more than they are legally allowed due to the fact they want to get paid more. They may also be attempting to meet hard delivery deadlines. In some cases, drivers may be following ill-advised orders of their trucking company to not lose their jobs. Trucking companies should adhere to federal regulations and monitor the amount of driving hours that their drivers serve.

Drug use is dangerous

Truck drivers are not allowed to use controlled substances unless it is a prescribed medication that does not affect the ability to drive a truck. Federal regulations require trucking companies to test drivers for drug and alcohol use.

Errors can lead to rollovers

Truck rollovers are the worst trucking accidents. They commonly cause serious injuries and fatalities. The errors that often cause rollovers are:

  • Fatigue
  • Fast driving
  • Turning too fast
  • Improper weight distribution
  • Inexperience

Any driver who is responsible for these kinds of accidents due to improper conduct can be at risk of a lawsuit.

Gathering evidence of impairment and errors

Truck-involved accidents can include serious injuries and fatalities to victims. A personal injury lawsuit is one of the most effective ways to hold the truck ing company responsible for these accidents. Seeking representation from an attorney can assist you in finding evidence that the driver made errors or was fatigued when the collision happened.

While truck accidents occur for several different reasons, truck driver fatigue is one of the most significant. Truck drivers stress strenuous deadlines and work long hours. Coupled with substance abuse, improper loading techniques and aggressive driving, sharing the road with commercial trucks can be risky. Learn more about how truck driver mistakes cause motor vehicle accidents and how a lawyer can help.

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