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Do you know the cellphone laws for San Antonio roads?

Using cellphones is so much a part of everyday life that it can be easy to forget when to put them down. They also come with so many tools, serving as multiple devices in one. These features make cellphones all the more tempting to use while operating a motor vehicle.

The many stresses that truckers face

With so many trucks on the roads, it should come as no wonder that there are so many accidents that involve trucks. What is even scarier is that, because trucks are so big and harder to stop, they can pose a great danger to people in smaller vehicles. In fact, these people are more at risk in crashes than the truckers themselves.

Truck accidents lead to these major injuries

Any motor vehicle accident comes with the risk of injury, but none more so than one involving an 18-wheeler. These big trucks always win in collisions with passenger cars. Their size and strength make them extremely dangerous and likely to lead to severe bodily harm.

Your vehicle may be the cause of your auto accident

When you get into a motor vehicle accident, one of the most important steps is figuring out who is at fault, as it will determine which party has to pay for the other's expenses. What if neither driver seemed to be responsible for the accident, or what if the collision did not involve another motorist?

3 consequences of truckers falsifying log books

There are many reasons truck drivers may be compelled to falsify their logbooks. Increased awareness of the dangerous conditions many drive in has resulted in the passage of laws regulating truckers' schedules. This might put a dent in their earnings, though, so many maintain false logs to maintain the appearance of compliance yet continually violate mandatory safety standards.

Today's biggest truck driver distractions

Distractions in and around the vehicle are distracting for virtually all motorists, but when you add a massive, multi-ton truck to the equation, they can prove even more deadly. While it is unrealistic to simply avoid large trucks, given how common they are across American roadways, understanding what is distracting today's commercial truckers is the first step in combatting the problem.

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